EVENTS Onstage Presentation holds an inventory of sound, lighting, projection and other equipment to enhance special events. To assist clients we discuss what they wish to achieve, look at their chosen venue and determine what is required

A proposal is then prepared detailing all the crew and equipment needed to enhance the event. Onstage takes responsibility for all equipment used to stage the event whether supplied by the venue, from our inventory or other supplier. Onstage provides a technical Director to work with you throughout. Prior to the event we help you prepare the run sheet and make sure the appropriate level of technical support is provided for each segment.

On site the TD supervises the set up and makes sure the event runs smoothly to plan.

Since 1982 in Australia and before that in the UK Onstage presentations has provided technical support for Government, corporate,community and private events such as

Roadshows, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, AGMs, Concerts and private parties