The expertise for installing permanent audio-visual systems comes from our experience in staging events in Australia since 1982.  We know the equipment and controls required so those responsible can easily provide a professional result for each event.

The areas we get involved in are


You know how important it is for those listening to hear clearly no matter the state of their hearing ability. (It’s a little more difficult to help some with their speaking ability but we get involved in that too).   We provide systems suitable for music, one person speaking to many and  specialist systems for situations where many people speak in a discussion situation such as council chambers.


Clear sound is only one of the features  for council chambers. Facilities also include electronic voting, microphone control by users and or operators, camera control, and recording of sound only or sound and vision for local review or streaming to the web.  Onstage has installed over 18 systems for Local Councils in the last 2 years and is ready to assist other councils upgrade their systems so everyone can hear clearly what is being said.


Because budgets for school halls are often tight we work with schools to provide a mixture of permanent equipment for general use and the infrastructure to simply add extra equipment on a rental basis for special events.  Drapes, coloured LED lighting, and projected images all help to enhance the professionalism of any school event.


Go to ‘THE EVENTS BOOK’ for tips and tricks on what is required when designing an event  space that works. Get the infrastructure right so equipment can be hung and connected.

Install the control systems so equipment can be quickly and easily added for special events.